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Welcome to

Were you looking for Sadly the webmaster of (Grant) has been very unwell which has necessitated hospital treatment and a medical recommendation to 'cut back' on his activities. However we here at have rented some extra space and and we are trusting to take over the hosting of Grant's site. We hope to get something up and running soon. It will take us some time to 'populate' the site with Grant's mp3s, but we hope to be able to offer a pretty full service although we are not planning to offer the option of physical CDs.

What you will find here

This site has been created to provide a wider access to recordings of Christian ministry and teaching. It is our sincere hope that the bible study and teaching given will be a source of spiritual nourishment and blessing to those who hear it.

There is a familiar question usually asked by the techie who taped the meeting; "what shall we call that?" The difficulty is usually caused by the fact that although a main theme may have emerged a whole host of minor themes has also surfaced in the preaching.

So this little garner of good things is going to be hard to describe. What are our angles? What is our mission and strategy? We have no angles and no declared mission or strategy. We have spoken as we felt we 'ought' in various meetings and conferences and have left the strategy to our Captain.

The broad theme might be described as "the continuing ability of the Holy Spirit to make the death and life of the Lord Jesus Christ a daily reality in the life of the Christian." The speakers unite in refusing the inevitability of daily downs; sometimes known as the law of undulation! Rather we delight in pointing to Him who has the power to keep us from falling. 'If anyone sin...' He remains our perfect Propitiation and Advocate but we revel in declaring God's Full Salvation; purchased by Christ and imparted by the Holy Spirit.

'Welcome' to this little treasury of God's good things. May God bless each listener as much as He blessed the speaker and continue to use these frail attempts to declare the glorious gospel of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Ron Bailey, January 2003

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Mr North » The Forgotten Ministry: Waiting on God 1316 Downloads

G W North: Auchenheath CF1986

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Mr North » A testimony 914 Downloads

A testimony, Achenheath, Nov. 1975,

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Mr North » The Kingdoms 695 Downloads

An comparison and contrasting of the terms "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God" - London 1968

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Les Wheeldon » The Place of Prayer 677 Downloads

No 3 of 4 messages from the New Life Conference 2008

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Our PDF files » A Sign Of Authority 666 Downloads

A Sign Of Authority by G.W.North. A study on headcoverings.

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Our PDF files » Spiritual Life and Spiritual Gifts 634 Downloads

G W North 1976 revised 1978

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Our PDF files » Initial Evidence 596 Downloads

Initial Evidence by G.W.North. The true evidence of baptism in the Spirit.

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Our PDF files » The Holy Spirit In Romans 548 Downloads

The Holy Spirit In Romans by G.W.North. A study of Doctrine in Romans

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Norman Meeten » The word of God 541 Downloads

The word of God

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Our PDF files » One Baptism 516 Downloads

One Baptism by G.W.North. Baptism in the Spirit.

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