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What are Ron's podcasts

Ron's podcasts are.......

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting enables you to listen to audio files at the time and place of your choosing. To begin, you must have podcasting software installed on your computer (like Apple's iTunes). You can listen directly from your computer through the software, or on-the-go by synching up a portable MP3 player, such as an iPod.

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How to subscribe to a podcast

If you use iTunes, click on the 'iTunes' icon below. This will launch iTunes and subscribe you to Ron's podcasts. Alternatively you can subscribe by dragging the 'Podcast' icon into your podcast playlist, or by typing the URL ( into "Subscribe to Podcast" under the iTunes Advanced menu.


For other podcasting software please refer to your instruction manual on how to subscribe to a podcast.

Can I just download the MP3 files

Yes, just click on the podcasts category on the left and you will able to download the individual MP3 files.