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Dick Hussey

Richard Philip Hussey, known as Dick Hussey, was born of British family in Buenos Aires in December 1927.

Saved at the age of 15, shortly after military service he took a three-year course with the New Testament Missionary Union's Bible Training Centre in Temperley, a southern suburb of Buenos Aires. There he was blessed under the teaching ministry and example of some fine servants of the Lord, and it was also there that he met Sylvia Meyler Charles, who was later to become his beloved wife, and who to this day stands by his side as his faithful companion and help-meet.

Soon after marriage in 1958, they removed to England, where Dick worked for the Argentine Airlines, first in London for some seven years, and subsequently in Manchester, where he was Sales Manager with responsibility for the Midlands, North of England, Scotland and to some extent for Northern Ireland and Eire.

In 1964-65 he was lay-pastor of a small Elim Assembly in Meopham, near Gravesend, Kent. In late 1965, when he was transferred by his firm to Manchester, he linked up with the Devonshire Road Christian Fellowship, in Liverpool, where he served in the eldership jointly with Norman Meeten, and the late David Wetherly and Ken Moffat.

In 1971 he resigned from his position with the airline, feeling the Lord's clear call to full time ministry, in which he continues to be engaged to this date. After a brief period of some 15 months in Madrid, with his wife and children, he removed to North Wales, where he headed the Bryn Goleu Christian Fellowship until May 1979.

Thereafter, Dick and Sylvia, with their two youngest children, returned to Madrid, and for over eight years discharged a teaching and preaching ministry in many churches, both of the Spanish gypsy movement, and interdenominationally in many other churches all over the Spanish Peninsula, as well as in the two main Balearic Islands, Mallorca and Ibiza.

From August 1987 to July 1992 he resided in Buenos Aires, where again he, as well as his wife Sylvia, ministered in many churches up and down the land. Since December 1993 he has set up residence in Reading, where he has integrated happily in the Earley Christian Fellowship, where he plays a ministerial role.

However, both he and Sylvia continue to travel frequently to Spain, ministering in a wide variety of churches. To a lesser degree they also visit Eire and some parts of the United Kingdom, and, from time to time, Cyprus. Additionally, Dick also has links with three Spanish speaking churches in London, and is a counsellor in one of them.

Please note that the recordings listed with Spanish Titles are spoken in Spanish.

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Dick Hussey » PELDAŅOS DEL DISCIPULADO 72 Downloads

El texto de la "PELDAŅOS DEL DISCIPULADO" escrita por Ricardo Hussey

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Dick Hussey » ABRAHAM 47 Downloads

El texto de la "ABRAHAM" escrita por Ricardo Hussey

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Dick Hussey » LAS PREGUNTAS 0DE DIOS 37 Downloads

El texto de la "LAS PREGUNTAS 0DE DIOS" escrita por Ricardo Hussey

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Dick Hussey » Las Sendas Antiguas 69 Downloads

El texto de la "Las Sendas Antiguas" escrita por Ricardo Hussey

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