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Written materials presented on the site for download have been made available as Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Whilst PDF files are a globally accepted method for distributing written documents for print, in the past they have offered little in the way of accessibility. Adobe, the software company have made Acrobat version 5 of their program with many more accessibilty features. Additionally, in the long-term, we intend to make our PDFs available as html pages and will post them as soon as possible. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed.

We would also like to offer our PDF documents in languages other than english. If you would be interested in volunteering to translate any of our documents and could send them to us in a Microsoft Word Document format then please contact us.

To view our PDF documents you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader? which is available free from the Adobe website. Follow this link to get Acrobat Reader