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Download Mp3s

All of the recordings on this site are made available as MP3 files. MP3s will playback in any MP3 player such as Windows Media Player, Winamp or Quicktime 6. If you do not have any of these players you can download them for free from various locations. We have provided a hyperlink on our links page for winamp. We recommend you download Winamp version 5.

Hiss, cracks, pops and whistles!

The original recordings have been transferred from analogue tape into a digital sound file. This allows the recording to be "cleaned", removing tape hiss and other blemishes. Finally, they are compressed into an MP3 format. We have used the maximum amount of compression available to ensure  final file sizes are as small as possible for the convenience of those using a dial-up connection. On average a 3Mb file will take approximately 15-20 minutes to download using a 56k modem connection. If you have a broadband connection or higher (and plenty of space on your hard drive) then you may wish to download the "High quality" recordings which have been created with much less compression.

To download a recording please click on the name from the Speakers list of the person you wish to hear. This will take you to their recordings page. You will see a table containing details of the recordings, including the play length (Time) of each message. The last column marked Download contains two links; one called "Low Quality" and one called "High Quality". The low is meant for dial-up Modem users, the high is intended for Broadband users. There is a very significant difference in the files sizes. The broadband (High Quality) files are much larger but the sound quality is also much better as less compression has been used to create them. Once the file has completed downloading simply navigate to the saved file and play it.

If, when you click on "low" or "high", you do not get a save option and your mp3 player starts to play the recording as a live audio stream, you may need to right click your mouse on your selection instead, then select "Save Target As" from the pop up list in order to download the file without streaming it. Listening to the recording live from the site (i.e. streaming) is not recommended unless you have a broadband connection to the internet.