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From time to time I have had unusual 'financial requests'; they are requests from people who want to contribute 'finance'. You will know that Englishmen are particularly 'coy' about 'financial requests' so we will not make any on the site. However, the effect of taking on the biblebased tape downloads does increase our costs considerably and, if you would like to contribute financially to what is happening on this site, there is one relatively easy way of doing it; PayPal. (PayPal is an eBay company)

The PayPal button will enable people who have a PayPal account to pass funds to my own PayPal account at the touch of a button. ( If you don't have a PayPal account you can set one up very easily.) If you would like to use this method please add a note about how you want the money to be directed, ie to the general running costs of the site, to individuals, to missionaries whose prayer letters appear on the site.. or any other purpose. I will make sure it gets to its proper destination.

PayPal do charge a commission for this by deducting an amount from the transfer; this cost will be carried by the receiver. The commission is subtracted before the receiver gets the money, so any gifts en route to others will incur it. (if you send ?10 the beneficiary would receive ?9.41, at current rates.) This is not the most cost effective way of regular giving to missionaries but it is probably the most simple at this stage of development. We are open to any advice that folks may have along these lines.

If you have any questions about this please ask.